Current Projects

OSF SciNet:

Purpose: The OSF SciNet is an open source collaborative project presently being developed underneath the tutelage of Jeffrey Spies, co-founder of the Center for Open Science. The primary purpose of Scholarly is to provide the general public with a free, open, and comprehensive dataset containing meta-data for academic citations as well as corresponding references. This dataset will provide the public with a vital resource from which they can access, analyze, and distribute academic citation meta-data without restriction.

The problem and our approach Beyond the size of the corpus of academic literature, this is a non-trivial task. The data required to build this dataset comes from a wide variety of sources (e.g., APA and ACM) and is delivered in various formats (e.g., XML, HTML, text documents, and PDF files). Project Scholarly is developing a set of tools to collect, manage, and distribute the data.

Project Tools:

  • OSF SciNet: For individuals that would like to programmatically contribute data, we have constructed an application programming interface (API) to which they can either send carefully formatted documents or unparsed citations.
  • Citelet: A Chrome extension that allows users to effortlessly send citation metadata to our servers as they browse articles at publisher websites.
  • Crowdsourced Conflict Management: Before entering the production database, data must be thoroughly scrubbed. One of the tools in development will allow users to voluntarily assist us via a simple, intuitive online user interface.

Related Documents

Project GOOB (Get Out of Bed)

Purpose: Develop an interactive and engaging alarm application for Android based devices.


  • Updates on development of Project GOOB will be integrated into various blog entries located on the main page.
  • The source repository for this projects code can be located on github.

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