Software Engineering Project Take One:

This semester I will be participating in my first group software project. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun, a lot of work, and a great learning experience. My team, PBR Code, consists of two close friends I have worked with extensively over the past three semester and another peer who seems to have a solid work ethic.

After a few weeks analyzing and digesting various software development life cycles we were given a mission: Come up with a need for a specific application. After confirming that I had free creative reign, I came up with The Story of Bob.

  • From: S.M.D. Industries:
    To: PBR Code
  • Gentlemen, we have an issue with one of our employees, Bob, that we were hoping you would be able to help us with. Bob is a likeable character. He has a good work ethic, he is innovative, and is fun to talk to. In short, everyone likes Bob. However, Bob has one problem; he always arrives late to work in the morning.After several such occurrences we asked Bob why this was. “I just can’t seem to stop hitting my snooze button.” replied Bob. Of course each of was able to relate. The snooze button is about as tempting as a late night pizza and PBR. Regardless, this is an issue. We can’t just allow our employees to show up whenever they see fit to do so, right?As previously stated, we all like Bob very much. Therefore, we have decided to send out a request for a new alarm clock application that will help alleviate the issue. We believe that if Bob was required to complete some mental challenge in order to disable or snooze his alarm he would be alert enough to make the right decision and G.O.O.B. (get out of bed). We need this challenge to be something quick enough to not leave Bob irritated and upset before work but at the same time awake enough to make clear decisions.

    The ideal alarm clock would be able to be installed on Bob’s android phone so he can take with him on business trips. Additionally, making this alarm able to run on various versions of the android operating system would be nice. You see, we like Bob but he’s also our guinea pig. If the alarm clock application proves successful with Bob, we will be issuing it to the rest of our employees.

    PBR Code, can you help us with this? We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on possible solutions. Be creative!


    Joseph Dirte
    CEO, S.M.D. Industries

Nothing is better than when you can mix a little humor into your work, right? The team as well as my professor had a good laugh when they read it. From this we will be building our requirements and specifications document for the alarm application. But, that will have to wait until Take Two.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – Confucius


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