Well, it’s about time…

After a long back and forth battle with myself I’ve decided to go ahead and just start blogging. This past June I was fortunate enough to attend a Google Scholar’s retreat in San Francisco. While there I met many like minded individuals, attended fascinating tech talks, and explored Google’s amazing headquarters. In short, it was the one of the best adventures I’ve had thus far in my short existence.

Almost every time I tell people about the trip they want to know what Google was like. To keep my explanation as concise as possible I normally say something along the lines of, “It’s like if an engineer and an artist had a baby with all of their talents and a seemingly endless bank account.” This by no means does justice to how magnificent what I saw was. Imagine going to work being given the room to pursue your interests, explore routes to solutions for assigned problems, and access to unlimited coffee. Good coffee. Oh, now surround yourself with nothing but other smart, like minded people who WANT to be there. That’s how I picture Google. I will work there.

One of the individuals I met there, a fellow Harry, was a great inspiration to me. He has accomplished so much while giving so much back and maintains a humble, professional, and warm demeanor. He recommended I start blogging. So, Harry, this may be a bit late but here we go none the less.

Whether this turns out to be something useful/interesting to others is yet to be determined.

“Hello, world.” — Countless programmers


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